Monday, 14 February 2011

The Dangers of Costume Jewellery

Eeek, I promised myself that this year I'd make a real effort to do the blog thing properly but these last few weeks have been so so busy (someone had a birthday!) that i've been more than shit.

This is more an homage to my hands this week, as my last post showed i'm getting quite in to nail art at the minute so when I heard Barry M were doing a version of OPI's shatter at about a 3rd of the cost I was practically running to Boots.

Nail Effects is actually really really fun, you just paint it over your regular nail polish, I used about 3 coats of Elf's Glitter Glam to get a really solid silver as the polish is probably best used to give a glittery top coat than as block colour, then it just kind of coagulates. Watching this happen is really amazing because when you first put it on it is completely black and you think 'oh god I totally fell for it'. Then this happens!
I got loads of compliments all week at work, and it stayed on without chipping sunday-thursday with no top coat on which is pretty amaze I think.

With my birthday spends I had planned on finally, after months of longing, to buy the Lapis YSL Arty. But at about £150 I decided I'd probs get bored of it pretty soon and end up having wasted all that money (that's a lot of nail polish) so opted for Topshop's take on it (although looking at their site they now have much more similar versions)
Anyways, as much as I absolutely love this ring, I'm so glad I didn't buy the YSL one as, after wearing this out for my birthday I woke up the next day to find that it had bruised the whole of my next finger along really really badly and this way i can just go 'Oh bloody topshop' rather than be heartbroken if i'd got beaten up by YSL!

So yes, Beware Costume Jewellery