Monday, 28 March 2011

nailing it.

So life has been a bit hectic recently, my job got made permanent rather than just an internship, which you'd think would take a bit of pressure off but now it's all performance reviews and goals and stuff which goes along way, especially with this new thing where at parties all my friends (and me) just talk about our jobs all the time, to making me feel exceptionally dull to be honest! Don't get me wrong I'm so glad to be working there and I know it's a bit of a feat to even have a job at the mo, let alone one that you like, just feeling a bit like the candle is burning at both ends and in the middle, which i haven't really felt since cramming at uni. Probably one of the reasons i got sent home sick today but maybe the prawns i ate last night helped a bit too!

Anywho, life goes on and i've been getting way more adventurous with my nail art, so here's about 3 weeks of progression!

I just got spotify premium on my phone and my commute to work has been massively improved by rediscovering the Pipettes so I guess this was a bit of an homage...
Elf - Light Red, Models Own White pen

My boyfriend agreed to watch Buffy from the beginning with me and after seeing a tutorial on gradients I can't help but think this might have trickled through to my nails
Katy Perry OPI The one that got Away and Topshop Adornment over the top

Gradienting is a really nice way to preserve nail polish a bit more, it's super easy, you just use a sheer/semi opaque colour and layer it up towards the top and over any cracks. Also tried it here with the same Topshop polish, which is so pretty but doesn't photograph as well, it has green, bronze and purple flecks in it.
Here it is layered over a Groupon manicure I got
She used OPI in a blue teal shade with blue glitter on top, think these were my favourite nails!

After seeing this on Tumblr I had to have a go, Cherry Blossom girl was one of my favourite songs a lifetime ago and it gave me a chance to use some of my new nail art pens that you can see pictured above
OPI Teenage Dream (i got the mini katy perry collection and honestly i really dislike it, the shades are too sheer and horrible to remove and somehow they make my nails really sharp so im covered in wee scratches) Nail Star black and pink pens
I mostly like the way it came out but I had to take it off after one day cos the Katy Perry polish was annoying me so much (had that on on its own for a few days before)

Current nails are me longing for summer! This Beth's Blue model's own polish reminded me of parma violets and ice cream and really reminded me of this post
Beth's Blue with broze, pink and green pastel nail star pens

I got this set of nail art pens as a present to myself cos Pete bet me that I couldn't go a month without buying clothes and i'm most deffo winning. With postage it ended up being £26 for 60 pens and they're so good quality, it's the best value thing I've bought in ages

Phew. Photo heavy over and out