Saturday, 10 September 2011

nails nails nails

Had a bit of a slump in the old nail art a while back, work is really taking it out of me and hadn't really had time to do a lot.

Anyways, that said, it deffo picked up and i started getting a lot more adventurous so here's the latest

Giles Deacon Nails using all Model's Own Products, Bubblegum and Feeling Blue, I've said before how overrated i think Model's Own Polishes are, they chip superbly quickly, they bubble and are expensive for the quality. Despite that I got a few in their recent sale, as they probably are worth the 50% off price and the colours are amazing, but i think there's much better, cheaper brands on the high street.

Cath Kidston Nails, using Eyeko's Vintage Polish, really like the combo of polka dots and flowers but these are a bit girlie for me!

My MasterPiece! I love Van Gogh's Starry Night and one rainy saturday, I set about putting it on my nails. I wish i had a better picture of this as there was so so much detail in it and i used a combo of acrylic paints and Beauty UK Electric blue for the base. I used actual paint brushes to do all the intricate work and i was so happy with how it turned out. I talked about there being better polishes on the high street than Model's Own and the Beauty UK ones definitely impressed me, it was the first time I'd used their polishes and it stayed on without chipping for a week with no top coat (i was scared of smudging it) and it only cost about 2 quid.

And finally the fairly standard leopard print, using one of the 17 polishes that came free in their nail bar gift bag