Wednesday, 26 May 2010

sheer shirts and stuff

so following C'est Gleek I decided that the only proper money (primark doesn't count) I'd spend on clothes is money that i've made selling old ones, and after getting rid of some massively impractical AA skirts and some wetlook leggings that ive had a year and still have the tags on, I've decided that i could do with a nice sheer shirt for summer so i'm not massively indecent all the time in little camis, now the only problem is which one to buy!

Monday, 24 May 2010

Oho urbans.

The pure love want need compulsions i'm having, along with the 'arghhghghgh in 2 weeks today i'll be done with everything for my masters except my dissertation' means that i'm a bit short of words to say anything intelligent other than this is what i'm coveting from urbans:

Anchor Stamp Necklace £14.00
Jan Habraken Rain Shower Curtain £20.00
Cupcake Salt & Pepper Set £7.00
Pins & Needles Double Breasted Dress £48.00
love this, like a toned down Joan from Madmen, hopefully it'd fit better than on the model...
Silence + Noise Slouchy Skinny Pale Pink Jeans £50.00

Asos, can't find it on the site now (devvod cos it was only £40ish)
And a whole other price bracket would see this on me every day!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

We'll meet in another place, another time

Whilst locked away in the basement of one of lse's many utilitarian buildings, writing endless essays that are essentially craptoids, i can't help but be thinking about all the places i'd rather be and the things i'd rather be doing.

Montmartre, wondering through all the aladdin's cave-esque trinket shops
Everest, where I'll be in just 4 months, on a 3 week trek to base camp
Kimi, Greece, where my family have a house, just thinking about sitting around reading novels and eating delicious tomatoes and feta on toast is making me all nostalgic!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

make up make up never never blush in flush

The long awaited Topshop make up range launched this wednesday and whilst it was fairly underwhelming, there have been some highlights. Jen over at the Style Crusader did an amazingly funny post trying out their virtual makeover thingymabob which could probs do with a few tweaks.

Here's what i purchased:

The nail polishes are truly lovely, they go on really easily and dry really quickly. Have only tried the top one, nice and neutral, and it needed a few coats but otherwise on par, if not better than other brand name ones.
Blush, in Flush. doesn't blend well. made my skin really dry. i've given it two days. i'm going back to my original one.
Felt-tip liner. Really amazing product. most felt tip liners either require a little pot to dip in, which means it gets overloaded with liner or a shaky thingy which means there isn't enough liner. I have no idea how this one works but gives the perfect amount of liner and is really easy to control. Even my shaky hands managed to create a pretty straight line and you can change how thick it is depending on the angle you use.

So liner yes, polish yes, blusher noooooo

Another version of me

So quite frankly the thought of getting a real job when i finish my masters fills me with the sort of fear that makes me want to sit in a cold dark room snarffing chocolate cake till 4 in the morning and then watch the whole 3rd season of grey's anatomy...
However, the one aspect of working which i really enjoy is making fantasy work wardrobes for when i of course have loads of money and can walk in heels and have my hair be able to not go flat as soon as i leave the house.

so, were i to get a fantasmogorical job right now this is what i'd be buying
Reiss blazer
Whistles vest and dress
Mango holdall

Johann Earl wrap dress

Reiss Chinos.
Chinos always remind me, sartorially, of either my Dad or someone on their way to a young Republicans convention, but the way they've been reimagined this season is beautiful, slight hareem and a peg leg (could be a band name) definitely going to be my post-essays treat!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

get your nudes out.

Have been absolutely craving nude heels recently, unfortunately i'm always going to be one of those girls who wears pale colours and comes back with them covered in mud/rain stains/the remnants of my dinner...
so for now i'm just going to covet.



nom nom

One of my many vices is a wee bit odd.
I bloody love pavlova.
Like really love.

Here's what remained of my latest one

To say I just covet it would be an understatement.
So guys and gals, here's my recipe perfected over several years.

4 egg whites (preferably super fresh, buy them the same day)
8 oz. granulated sugar that's had vanilla pods infusing it (granulated gives it a lovely crunch)
pinch of salt
capful of Frangelico
vanilla essence
good splash of lemon juice (normally a tiny dash this, or vinegar would be used but i like a generous bit of lemon juice to give it a lovely flavour)
1/2 pint of double cream

  • Pre-heat oven to 140 degrees Celsius
  • separate the egg whites.
  • put them in a mixing bowl with the pinch of salt and whisk them together until stiff, or until it makes peaks.
  • gradually add in the sugar, frangelico, vanilla essence and lemon juice, keep whisking!
  • People say it's ready when you can hold it over your head and it doesn't fall down. I'll leave that up to you but if you can put a spoon in and it doesn't fall over then you're golden.
  • take some baking parchment and trace a circle about the size of a dinner plate on it. put the paper on a baking tray
  • using a spatula heap the mixture onto the circle, you want to have a little moat shaped dip around the middle with a taller island in the middle and raised edges (this is where the cream goes later)
  • pop it in the oven for an hour. after about 20 minutes or so it should have raised and the outside will look crispy, this is normally when i turn the oven down to 100C
  • when it's done, take it out of the oven and leave it to rest until it cools down, otherwise the cream will melt as soon as you put it on
  • whip the cream and when the pavolva is cold, put it in the moat bit
  • place your raspberries (or any other berries/pineapple/walnuts etc) on top of the cream

Particularly covetable.

The fashion world has gone bonkers for Chanel's gorgeous Greige nail polish, 'Particuliere' and I have been hugely coveting it, but given that i have another £1500 to raise in three months for my trek to Everest, and no time to do it, can't really be affording it.
I've seen prices online go up to £40 so have been hunting for a high
street equivalent.
Behold, Orpington Tescos, £4

The Photo makes it look much more brown than nude, but it's pretty
close. Love it.