Sunday, 22 May 2011

this is getting silly

Was just sat here like a dope thinking about how rubbish i am at updating this blog and realising that i could actually just update, felt like a bit of a plum...

Model's Own Blooboo - so so so disappointed with this, I find that in general model's own polishes bubble a bit but this was totally smooth (and dry) when i went to bed and when i got up for work 2/3rds of my nails had gone all lumpy and bobbly. This is one of my favourite colours that i have but it looks terrible. I got 17's Heartbeat as a replacement cos the colours pretty close and i find the 17 polishes to be really good quality.
17 - Mini Skirt (definitely my favourite polish at the mo, it gives such a good base to do designs on and lasts pretty well too)
Again 17 - Mini Skirt. I love these little panda guys and how all their faces have different expressions, had two evil pandas on my other hand!
Model's Own Beth's Blue, no lumps! Was going to have these flowery nails all over for my boyfriend's brother's wedding but as my dress had big flower print too decided to just go for plain (boring)
Did these little skull heads watching The Good Wife yesterday morning and went a little overboard! Polish is, you guessed it, 17's miniskirt.
All the designs (i think) have been done using my nail star pens except the skulls which i did with my wah nails pen

various inspirations came from looking on tumblr, especially