Thursday, 8 July 2010

Aye me, sad hours seem long.

Ableeurghhhghgh. that is the sad state of my head right now.

The worst thing about working in the evenings and studying during the day is that whilst working at home, i have all day to stress out about what i'm going to wear to work, which is ridiculous because we have to wear these ghastly red polo shirts in any case. which essentially means that whatever i choose i'm wearing it for about an hour and a half, which is the total time it takes me to do a round trip to work and back.

Because i need to have my phone and access card on me always, whatever i wear on my bottom half have to have pockets and because we have walkie talkies they need fit well enough to not be pulled right down by how heavy the radios are.
Unfortunately today i'm wearing these shorts but in camel, buuuut they only had them in a 12 which means they barely stay up and last time i got asked how long i thought it would be until my pants were on show. brill.
Today they're held up with a safety pin so they fit better but now I'm in the infinite dilemma of what do you wear with shorts that are semi-formalish? If i wear a vest top they're a bit boobs legsly, and all the t-shirts i own are burnout tees so look dead odd with silk look shorts.

also, i tried to curl my hair for that dishevelled long bob look. yeah i just look a mess.

Right, i think it's time to change.

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