Sunday, 23 January 2011

Currently coveting.

I know we're all meant to love little ladylike boxbags at the mo and they are lovely and i will probs succumb at some point but all I really want is a really vintage looking leather backpack that i can fit everything in.


Luckily, it's payday next week and this is the only thing on my shopping list!


  1. That ebay one is PERFECT! I really need a new school bag, and a tan rucksack is my number one choice. Panda xo

  2. Oh my gosh I've been looking for a leather backpack for school and I swear I've seen that bag on ebay too! Its lovely isnt it! x x x

  3. Hi there,

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  4. the bag is quite cute, although not really the kind of thing I would usually like. I love that you could fit loads in though! The bigger my bag the more rubbish I put in it though lol XD

    X x

  5. you should totes get one!

  6. ah really loving that rucksack! so niceee :)

    hope you'll visit/follow