Friday, 21 January 2011

Hating what you Love.

Before I got a job and had to look vaguely smart all week, I used to love work-wear, my wardrobe is full of (plastic) chiffon blouses and structured skirts, brogues and tapered trousers.
It took about 3 weeks of wearing this stuff day in-day out before i realised how much i think i might hate it.
So having gone from a nice shirt and trousers my current work wardrobe is basically a mish-mash of stripy jersey shirts tucked into my old faithful Asos skirt:
I've never really been into wearing casual wear, except for that whole awkward teenage thing where you wouldn't believe how baggy my jeans were. Probably created a denim shortage around the world, but I think having to appear a bit more smart rather than just wanting to has made me regress, so currently these are my most favouritest jeans ever, they're just so comfy and scruff, I love them even though i know how tragic pre-ripped jeans are...

Anyways, the point of this post I guess is how easy it is to get bored of stuff you love once it feels like you're no longer doing it for yourself, but definitely another side of hating my smart wear at the mo is much simpler, now its a bit colder, i really cant work out what shoes to wear with all my slightly cropped trousers. brogues appear too masculine, and its too cold to wear loafers without socks (which just looks whack) and i still, at almost 23, can't actually walk in heels so im resigned to wearing my same boring black skirt for the rest of my days i think.


  1. You have a job? Zoe that's amazing! I am seriously jealous. Anyway, those jeans look amazingly comfortable. I am struggling to shed my Christmas weight and cannot even think about squeezing in to anything but baggy jeans!! Leggings are currently my favourite though - make me feel much less chubby. Oh, and I completely understand about the whole heels thing. I just bought a wedding dress which might have to be taken up if I chicken out of walking around in 2 inch heels. xx

  2. this came up on net a porter today and i was totally thinking about you

    you must be so so excited! best get practising in heels now!

  3. Hi, I'm a new follower! Oh I totally agree with you in this post...once you sort of have to wear something, its just not fun anymore! I work at a store that sells workwear and when I started there I thought it would be so fun to get suited up everyday and wear pumps and pencil skirts but now I hate it! I'd much prefer some boyfriend jeans like yours! x x x

  4. Zoe that dress is gorgeous! Lovely. And yes I definitely need to start practicing now!! xx