Friday, 1 April 2011

Mon Dieu Mondrian.

So this week i've been off work sick with labrynthitis (i know i think its amazing) which means i'm fine as long as i don't try moving. So i've basically spent all week in bed except for a few jaunts out to see if i'd get seasick and have to go to bed again.

Anyways, I'm well and truly ready for summer, I normally hate summer as it means exams, hayfever, sunburn and sweaty trains but for the first time since i was 14 i at least don't have exams to worry about this year.
My mate Nancy and I are heading off to Greece in July to laze on the beach and drink Ouzo and to celebrate i picked up this little bikini set in Primarni for 3 shiny pounds, can't wait to wear it out in the sun!

I love all the sail boats and palm trees on it. Also my Beach sign from Whitstable!

Even though I finished decorating my room in November, i'm still trying to organise all my crap and finding something to put all my nail polish/make up that i only use occasionally is a massive part of that cos it takes up so much space and cos i've lived in 4 different places in the last 4 years, none of my stuff is in the same place, so I found this amazing trunk in TK Maxx and it is in fact full of nail polish. Ohhh well!
Trunk TK Maxx £19.99

Obviously being off sick has meant i've had loads of time to do my nails, I finally took the ice cream polish off today and it was still totally chip free since tuesday. I don't think the same will be said for my Mondrian inspired nails though!
17 Lasting Fix in Mini Skirt and the other colours from my nail star pens

Hopefully be back at work on Monday, I should feel better and not have to take the tablets by then, they make me superly dopey which isn't massively good when you deal with finance all day!


  1. tat trunk is fantastic!! and full of nailpolish omggggg:o hahah
    Love your nails by the way! nice job! wish i was that handy!! :)

  2. fantastic nails, amazing trunk and gorgeous bikini =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  3. those nails are actually amazing ! what a talent

  4. 1)I think you will have to do my nails when I get back
    2)Bikini is awesome