Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Urgh! been well rubbish lately, just feel like i never have any time to do anything at the moment, anyways! this never meant to be a nail art blog but i've been really not feeling anything in the shops at the moment. There's loads of clothes that i like but nothing that i really want to buy so ive just been spending cash on make up and nail polish so the nail art follows!

Here's my most recent nails...
Love this colour blocking so much, 17 Miami and Pinking Shear. The Miami looks really coral in this photo but it's bright pink, so essex!

17 Knockout Red + Nail Art pens, crappy photo... Got loads of love for these at work though
Favourites! Elf Coral and nail art pens. Love these so much, they even got me out of a super awkward moment in Lakeside Body Shop where i had to go through 3 groupons to find one that worked and then had to pay a quid in coppers. Felt like such a tramp but the girl was so nice and was gushing over my nails...


  1. awww your nails are so cute!!! :)


  2. I am loving the strawberry ones - very nice!

  3. Great nail. I love the strawberry ones!

  4. :O
    Your amazing at doing nails. I love the strawberries! xx

  5. your nails look amazing, i can never be bothered to paint mine =(

    Bow Dream Nation xx