Saturday, 4 June 2011

good things strawberry polish

I've never had amazingly good skin, but i think it's not bad at all, I still get a few spots now and then even though i'm pretty sure way back in the day Mizz magazine told me i'd have grown out of that by the time i was 19. Well, 4 years later and they're still wrong with a capital W. One of the problems i have with my skin is that because I'm so pale, if i'm the slightest bit tired by whole face gets a kind of grey tinge and if i'm hot I become a red tomato etc etc. and as I'm constantly knackered, I've never been able to find a product that makes my skin look less dull, no matter how many 'brightening' or 'illuminating' products have graced my make up bag/bathroom cupboard.
I really wasn't expecting a lot when i bought Good Things Strawberry Polish, which promises to "lift away dead skin cells along with dirt and impurities and leave your skin feeling extra fresh and smooth."

But I found that after using it to take off my make up at night, my skin did look a lot fresher and the mini breakout I'd been having was drastically better, and completely gone after using this two nights in a row. My skin had a much more even tone and I've found that since using it I haven't been wearing as much foundation which is always good! It has Strawberry seeds and Jojoba beads (not a clue what that is...) as the exfoliating bits which are nice and gentle, as I normal find anything that says exfoliating on it too harsh for my skin and completely drying.
It says to only use it 2-3 times a week but I've been using it nightly and loving it, you only need a small bit so it will last ages and for only £4.99 it's performed way better than other products that will remain nameless (ahem Clinique) that cost 3 times as much.

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  1. Great post - definately going to try this out, it sounds like my sort of thing!! x