Sunday, 17 July 2011


Just a quick one on Eyeko's Cosmic Nail Polish. I've been loving all the galaxy nails going around so was super excited to use Eyeko's cosmic shade. I'm an Eyeko ambassador and you can use my code to get money off and i think they are genuinely a good make up brand, the only thing lacking is that they don't have that many products.

The colour is a lot more black than it looks in the bottle but i love all the red flecks in it and it is a super lovely shade.

But, being me, i was a bit bored of it by the next day and wanted to give it a bit more impact so i sponged on some other colours, purple and green i think (using a simple cosmetics sponge) and then dabbed on some big glitter.

I think they came out amazeballs but my litmus test of the work reaction was a bit like 'oh that's pretty' rather than the usual 'OHMYGOD YOUR NAILS!' Psh. whatevs!


  1. OH M GEE AMAZING (I do rather love them actually). x hivenn

  2. I love, love, looooovvee cosmic nails! :) x

  3. ahh like the nailpolish a lot! really good job:)

  4. Thanks for your comment sweetie and the offer to talk :)
    btw nice polish anyway but it definitely looks better with the glitter :D x

  5. Wow I love them! So creative I may have to try it!