Saturday, 8 May 2010

Another version of me

So quite frankly the thought of getting a real job when i finish my masters fills me with the sort of fear that makes me want to sit in a cold dark room snarffing chocolate cake till 4 in the morning and then watch the whole 3rd season of grey's anatomy...
However, the one aspect of working which i really enjoy is making fantasy work wardrobes for when i of course have loads of money and can walk in heels and have my hair be able to not go flat as soon as i leave the house.

so, were i to get a fantasmogorical job right now this is what i'd be buying
Reiss blazer
Whistles vest and dress
Mango holdall

Johann Earl wrap dress

Reiss Chinos.
Chinos always remind me, sartorially, of either my Dad or someone on their way to a young Republicans convention, but the way they've been reimagined this season is beautiful, slight hareem and a peg leg (could be a band name) definitely going to be my post-essays treat!


  1. oh i am seriously coveting whistles these days. i have been searching for the perfect pair of peg legged/harem style chinos for months. well... searching isn't really true, but i've been dreaming of them. i've bought two paris from topshop and taken both pairs back because they are totally un-flattering. whistles was the 1st place i saw ones that i loved but i just can't bring myself to pair 80 quid for a pair of trousers. i am too too poor for that.

    love your post! was starting to wonder if you would return! xx

  2. aww thanks jen, i love how whistles and reiss are able to be grown up but not old and comfy but not scruffy at the same time, think those antagonisms are lovely. like your jersy maxi dresses with the leather jacket

    yeah, still umming and ahhing a bit about the blog, its hard to get it started and out there, i was going to come to your talk on friday but worked election night and didnt get home till 3 and was up again at 7 so by friday afternoon i felt like id been hit by a bus!


  3. i want to MARRY whistles x

  4. i love this post - i am so with you. whistles is AMAZING, i can't wait to have a real job just so i can have the most perfect wardrobe ever. x