Tuesday, 18 May 2010

We'll meet in another place, another time

Whilst locked away in the basement of one of lse's many utilitarian buildings, writing endless essays that are essentially craptoids, i can't help but be thinking about all the places i'd rather be and the things i'd rather be doing.

Montmartre, wondering through all the aladdin's cave-esque trinket shops
Everest, where I'll be in just 4 months, on a 3 week trek to base camp
Kimi, Greece, where my family have a house, just thinking about sitting around reading novels and eating delicious tomatoes and feta on toast is making me all nostalgic!


  1. ohhh gosh. i am totally with you on this. all i can do is dream about all the places i would rather be then doing work. am going to sweden on the 22nd and that is really all that is keeping me going. greece looks gorgeous! lucky girl! are you heading there after exams? xx

  2. i feel you... i am fantasising about greek islands as we speak - feta, sunshine, salt water... x