Sunday, 2 May 2010

Particularly covetable.

The fashion world has gone bonkers for Chanel's gorgeous Greige nail polish, 'Particuliere' and I have been hugely coveting it, but given that i have another £1500 to raise in three months for my trek to Everest, and no time to do it, can't really be affording it.
I've seen prices online go up to £40 so have been hunting for a high
street equivalent.
Behold, Orpington Tescos, £4

The Photo makes it look much more brown than nude, but it's pretty
close. Love it.

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  1. this is amazing. it's so funny how nail polish is like THE beauty product at the moment... i got the barry m version of the chanel jade one and totally love it. also, someone got me the chanel blue satin colour for my birthday. i put it on yesterday for the first time and today a stranger asked me what it was - i was so happy with my self to say it was actually chanel. haha! how lame am i?! xx