Monday, 24 May 2010

Oho urbans.

The pure love want need compulsions i'm having, along with the 'arghhghghgh in 2 weeks today i'll be done with everything for my masters except my dissertation' means that i'm a bit short of words to say anything intelligent other than this is what i'm coveting from urbans:

Anchor Stamp Necklace £14.00
Jan Habraken Rain Shower Curtain £20.00
Cupcake Salt & Pepper Set £7.00
Pins & Needles Double Breasted Dress £48.00
love this, like a toned down Joan from Madmen, hopefully it'd fit better than on the model...
Silence + Noise Slouchy Skinny Pale Pink Jeans £50.00

Asos, can't find it on the site now (devvod cos it was only £40ish)
And a whole other price bracket would see this on me every day!

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