Saturday, 8 May 2010

make up make up never never blush in flush

The long awaited Topshop make up range launched this wednesday and whilst it was fairly underwhelming, there have been some highlights. Jen over at the Style Crusader did an amazingly funny post trying out their virtual makeover thingymabob which could probs do with a few tweaks.

Here's what i purchased:

The nail polishes are truly lovely, they go on really easily and dry really quickly. Have only tried the top one, nice and neutral, and it needed a few coats but otherwise on par, if not better than other brand name ones.
Blush, in Flush. doesn't blend well. made my skin really dry. i've given it two days. i'm going back to my original one.
Felt-tip liner. Really amazing product. most felt tip liners either require a little pot to dip in, which means it gets overloaded with liner or a shaky thingy which means there isn't enough liner. I have no idea how this one works but gives the perfect amount of liner and is really easy to control. Even my shaky hands managed to create a pretty straight line and you can change how thick it is depending on the angle you use.

So liner yes, polish yes, blusher noooooo


  1. oh i love this! haha... yes, my makeover did go a bit wonky, huh? whoops. so good to know that the nail polish and eye liner is good. i must go check it out in person! xx